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The IP address is a default IP address for local networks on some home broadband routers. This address is set on various models when sold. However, it can be set up by any router or computer using the local network.

The IP being a private IPv4 address, cannot be used to link to a router outside the home network. You can use the public IP address instead to link them.

How to change your IP address?

Here are simple steps to change your IP address:

  • First, log into your router.
  • Next, switch to advanced settings.
  • Then, look for Network Configuration.
  • Now, locate the LAN IP Address field and change it.
  • And, save your settings and restart the router.

Your IP address will successfully get changed.

The networks that uses the address are given below:

  • SMC Router
  • Edimax Router
  • Belkin Router
  • Siemens Router

Default Username and Password

SMC Routeradmin, smc, cusadmin, smcadmin, or blankhighspeed, smcadmin, root, barricade, password, or blank
Edimax Routeradmin, root, or blankconextant, admin, 
root, epicrouter, or blank
Belkin Routeradmin, or blankadmin, password, or blank
Siemens Routeradmin or blankadmin, user, or 

Please try using IP Address to login into your default router if any of the Login pages are not accessible.

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